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Alchemilla vulgaris

Today we harvested Alchemilla vulgaris (Lady's Mantle) from the garden. This a probably a herb lots of you will recognise as it inhabits many gardens as a flowering border plant. You can even find roundabouts in Dublin full of Lady's Mantle!
I have tinctured today's Alchemilla harvest and will harvest more over the coming week to dry for tea formulas.
This plant is an absolute must for me to have for patients. It is used for heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding that may occur between periods. I have found it invaluable as a uterine astringent for heavy prolonged bleeding that can happen in women during peri menopause.

It is also useful in combination with other herbs for conditions like uterine fibroids and endometriosis. So a gem of a plant to help balance many gynaecological issues.
This plant was on my mind to harvest as yesterday I was in a woman's garden who had a massive amount of Alchemilla growing. She said she had tried for the last 15 years to get rid of it. She dug every bit out and had even used weed killer but there it was in abundance and full bloom! When I explained to her the uses she was shocked as it was something she actually would have needed herself a few years back! I wasn't at all surprised. Just another reminder that everything we need finds a way to get to us... the herbs are always there waiting for us to stop, tune in to ourselves and realise the connection

About Ivywood

Herbalists Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso have moved their businesses and family to a new piece of land in Co Clare. They are busy creating new spaces on the land to reestablish their clinical practice and medicinal herb nursery. Formerly Bareroot Botanicals and Iona Herbal they have now renamed the woodland and business Ivywood.