Hawthorn Flower Harvest

This weekend was the start of our Hawthorn flower harvest. This is my absolute FAVOURITE flower harvest of the year. We are fortunate to have some very old Hawthorn trees in our back field that we harvest from. The tree branches are laden down in full blossom right now suggestive of the abundance in store for us this growing season. It lifts your heart to be standing beneath a Hawthorn with your harvesting basket as flower blossoms cover you like confetti. Not surprising it has this effect as Hawthorn is all about the HEART.

Medicinally we use the flowers and leaves harvested together and also the berries harvested in Autumn.  Hawthorn is a cardio protective tonic herb that nourishes any weakness in the heart and cardiovascular system. It has a direct effect on the myocardium increasing strength of contractility making it useful for people recovering from heart conditions like heart attack or suffering from angina. It also reduces the demand for oxygen from the heart muscle and increases coronary blood flow making it beneficial for congestive heart failure. We use it to calm the heart in cases of tachycardia, arrhythmia and sometimes as part of formulas for depression. One of the best attributes Hawthorn has is its gentle balancing effect on the heart - it is used for both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.  We consider it a rejuvenative  herb for the whole circulatory system. We will be harvesting Hawthorn blossoms with leaf over the next week for drying and tincturing.
Happy Heart Days ahead !

About Ivywood

Herbalists Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso have moved their businesses and family to a new piece of land in Co Clare. They are busy creating new spaces on the land to reestablish their clinical practice and medicinal herb nursery. Formerly Bareroot Botanicals and Iona Herbal they have now renamed the woodland and business Ivywood.



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