Lymphatic Skin Brushing

Why we all should be doing it!

If poor circulation, dry skin, cellulite, fluid retention, low immunity or recurring swollen glands are an issue lymphatic skin brushing is for you!
Our lymphatic system is like our drainage system. It runs alongside the circulatory arteries and veins and carries lymph fluid. It drains interstitial fluid and returns it to the blood, transports our dietary lipids and fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K and is key to immune response and function. 

Lymph nodes are where foreign materials like microbes in the body are brought for filtration by your B and T lymphocytes. A swollen lymph gland (i.e. swollen tonsils) is a reaction to infection... so should be seen as a good thing! In herbal medicine we use lymphatic herbs to aid lymph drainage to support the immune response to infection rather than suppress the swollen gland. Some people suffer from recurring swelling of the lymph glands in different areas of the body indicating a dysfunctional immune response. Lymphatic brushing is a quick and simple way of keeping yourself healthy and addressing any of the above issues. It can be done everyday taking just 2 minutes. Take your brush and following the directions in the image you vigorously brush your skin in circular movements. Only ever use the brush dry on dry skin. Before showering is a good time.
Here are some of the health benefits...
•    Improves circulation around the body for better organ function.
•    Improves circulation to the skin aiding  the skins detoxification.
•    Encourages lymph drainage to reduce oedema in areas of the body.
•    Stimulates your immune system.
•    Supports detoxification of the liver and kidneys.
•    Exfoliates the skin leaving it soft, subtle, improving complexion and tone and reducing cellulite - you'll notice improvement in a week!
•    Beneficial during pregnancy for the mother and to increase blood flow to the foetus.
For the ultimate daily skin care brush before showering and oil the skin when wet after showering following the same lymphatic movements to massage in the oil. Boosted immunity, improved circulation and heavenly skin all for a few minutes a day!

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