Herbal Medicine & Nutrition Courses 2021


We will be back teaching our herbal medicine and nutrition courses in Summer 2021!

Currently we are a new teaching space and new teaching gardens at the Ivywood woodland. Please do subscribe below to be notified of when we are back up and running with our popular workshops and courses. Our courses include a healthy, hearty vegetarian lunch, teas, coffees and treats. All our courses are set on 40 acres of magical woodland with a huge variety of medicinal herbs growing in our teaching garden and our herb nursery.

Here’s just some of what will be on offer in 2021…  


·       Making Herbal Remedies

This 2 day course is a practical hands on course for the anyone wishing to learn the specifics of making natural remedies for everyday illnesses. Each participant will be making and cooking up their own herbal medicines for a range of conditions from respiratory issues to digestive complaints. This is an in depth course also covering nutrition and over 25 medicinal plants that can be easily grown or wild harvested. Each person will be

making 6 remedies to take home and other samples of remedies which will be demonstrated over the 2 days. This is a fun, yet intense, course with lots of tasters and hands on making. This has always been one of our top 3 courses! More info to follow soon.



Growing You Own Medicinal Herb Garden

This 1 day practical course covers all your need to know to grow your own medicinal garden. Here at Ivywood we grow 200 species of medicinal plants to produce medicines for our own clinical practice and our herb nursery. During this course we will focus on a number of plants that are most useful to any household that wishes to have herbal alternatives right in their backyard for common ailments. We will take you through the ins and outs of seed sowing, propagation, maintenance, and care of specific plants and proper harvesting and drying of these plants. Participants will take home a number of plants as part of the course. More info to follow soon.



·       Herbal & Natural Skincare

On this 2 day hands on practical course your will learn how to care for and nourish your skin from the inside and out using nutrition and your own herbal homemade beauty products. You will be making your own natural deodorant, herbal cream to suit your skin type, a body scrub, natural sunscreen, and shampoo bar. During the 2 days we will be learning about herbs that are beneficial to the skin and why and how to use these herbs in variety of skincare products. Oils and other natural skincare ingredients and skin nourishing nutrition will also be covered. Demonstrations of other skincare products with testers will be given. Everyone will take home the products they make. This is the ultimate hands on practical herbal skincare course. This has always been our most popular course which we have now added to. More info to follow soon.



·       Building Immunity for the Family

This much requested 1 day course covers everything your family needs to know to support immunity at different stages of life from childhood to older age. We will cover nutritional therapy and herbal medicine approaches to a range of common health conditions from general bacterial infections to viruses. There are lots of simple kitchen remedy and herbal remedy demonstrations and tasters and an introduction to understanding herbal antibiotics and antiviral herbs. More info to follow soon.




·       Joints on Fire – Arthritic Conditions Intensive

This 2 day course is a collaboration between Marina & Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Colleen Kennedy from Herbal Healthcare in Westport. More information to follow soon.



·       Understanding Menopause

This 2 day course is a collaboration between Marina & Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Colleen Kennedy from Herbal Healthcare in Westport. More information to follow soon.



Gut Health Intensive

This 2 day course is a collaboration between Marina & Herbalist, Nutritional Therapit and Naturopath Colleen Kennedy from Herbal Healthcare in Westport. More information to follow soon.



·       Pregnancy Care - The Natural Way

This 1 day course teaches you about nutrition throughout the different stages of pregnancy, supplementation, and herbal remedies for a range of simple health issues that arise in pregnancy from chronic constipation to stretch marks!  We will look at traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine approaches to pregnancy care as well as modern natural options. If you have ever wondered which herbs and essential oils you can safely use in pregnancy, and how, then this is the course for you. We aim for women to finish this course with a better understanding of the needs of their bodies and their growing babies during this special time, can nourish themselves better with foods and simple remedies and feeling empowered. More info to follow soon.




·       Afterbirth Care - The Natural Way

We are passionate about supporting women afterbirth! This course teaches you about your nutritional, emotional and physical needs in the 4th trimester. We will cover how to support yourself and your changing body afterbirth with herbal medicine and nutrition. Nutrition for breastfeeding, herbal remedies to manage breastfeeding issues and common ailments seen in babies are all part of this informative course for women wishing to take a natural approach to afterbirth care. Participants will go home with better understanding of their nutritional need’s afterbirth and a range of herbal remedies they will find useful when new Baby arrives. More info to follow soon.



·       Making Herbal Remedies for Clinic & Growing Medicinal Plants for Practitioners

This 3 day intense course is for herbal medicine practitioners wishing to gain more in depth knowledge of growing and harvesting specific plants for making medicines for their clinical practice. The days are practical where will be doing hands on work with plants and making remedies.

Participants will learn how to make a range of herbal preparations specific to medical conditions which they could dispense to patients in their clinical practice. All the remedies are made from freshly harvested plants from the garden. Throughout the 3 days medicinal properties and phytochemical content of a wide range of plants will be discussed.

Over the two days practitioners and herbal medicine students will:

·       Learn plant identification and get familiar with living plants.

·       Get the opportunity to see over 140 species of medicinal herbs.

·       See spacing and size of mature plants for consideration of setting up a herb garden.

·       Learn what herbs would be easy to grow for your garden environment.

·       Discussion of practical aspects of growing in polytunnels.

·       Discussion on different types of potting compost available and the benefits.

·       Gain an understanding of the quantity of plant material needed to grow to make your own remedies for clinical practice.

·       Go away able to make creams, glycerites, ointments etc for future patients for a range of specific conditions.

·       Have the ability to adapt formulae of remedy recipes to suit specific plants and specific medical conditions.

·       Learn about the properties of the ingredients for all the remedies made - for example choosing the right oils, waxes and butters for medicinal cream and ointment making.

·       Learn where to source ingredients and sundries for making medicines.

·       Have an opportunity to ask questions about any of the herbs grown from experienced growers.

·       An opportunity for revision of phyochemicals of the plants and therapeutics.

·       Avail of a 20% discount off plants bought form the nursery on the day.


Participants will take home sown seeds, spit and transplanted plants they have worked on plus a range of remedies they have made for their clinical practice over the 3 days. This is an ideal course for any Herbalist wishing to be more self-sufficient in their practice. More info to follow soon.


·       Natural Cleansers for the Home 

This 1 day course is for anyone wishing to make their own natural cleaning products for their home from common kitchen ingredients, herbal plants, and essential oils. This is a hands-on practical course where participants will be making up a range of cleaning products from surface cleaners to liquid soaps. Participants completing this course can then avail of coming back to Ivywood to do 4 half day refill making days where together we remake the products from the course and all ingredients are supplied. More info to follow soon.


·       Natural Care for Toddlers and Children

This 1 day workshop teaches you natural healthcare for your child and how to make simple natural and herbal remedies for common ailments in babies and children. We will look at a number of conditions from colic to recurring chest infections and earaches. You will be introduced to herbs for these conditions and easy to make home   remedies from  herbs and kitchen ingredients. We will also discuss how to incorporate immune boosting foods and herbs into your child's diet for better health. There will be tastings and recipes to take home.  This talk is ideal for parents and carers of young children and expecting mothers interested in natural healthcare. More info to follow soon.



 Specialist courses for Herbalist practitioners to be announced Spring 2021.


About Ivywood

Herbalists Ross Hennessy and Marina Kesso have moved their businesses and family to a new piece of land in Co Clare. They are busy creating new spaces on the land to reestablish their clinical practice and medicinal herb nursery. Formerly Bareroot Botanicals and Iona Herbal they have now renamed the woodland and business Ivywood.



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